Big Cat Limited Edition

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Only 130 pieces of these were produced in Stride, Inari and all black print. Each piece comes with a unique serial number.

PDM Indoor Outdoor mats are crafted using high-density weaving, and are waterproof, UV resistant, mold resistant, allergy-free, light, and easy to clean. The mats are double-sided and can be used on either side. Most designs will have inverted colorways on each side.

Size: Approximately 270cm in length & 180 cm across
Materials: 100% Recycled Polypropylene
Colours: Black and White on mat surface, with Black border

Care instructions:
Handwash with water (maximum 60°C) using mild detergent.
No bleaching, no machine wash, no pressure washing, no ironing, no dry cleaning and no tumble dry.